Our sustainable fashion collection is made from recycled household textiles. We choose these textiles very carefully and when we see a fabric, our brain immediately begins to fantasize what kind of garment it could become. Each fabric falls and feels differently and each lends itself best to a different model, making each garment unique. Our sustainable fashion collection is a compilation of one-off high-quality garments made to treasure for a lifetime.

Garments arise together with you in our atelier. Browsing through the hybrid collection of fabrics and models, we design the garments to your wishes together.  We custom make the models to adopt to your identity.

Sustainable Fashion Amsterdam Dress
The Dress €204*
Sustainable Fashion Amsterdam Kimono
The Kimono €184*
Sustainable Fashion Amsterdam Pants
The Pants €314*
Sustainable Fashion Amsterdam Bomberjacket
The Bomberjacket €254*

How does it work?

We invite you to come and visit us in our atelier in Amsterdam to fit & feel. Just send us a message to make your appointment.

In our atelier you can fit the garments and share your wishes. We can adjust the lengths and details. We will take your measurments to tailor make the garment to your body shape. You can browse through and feel our selection of fabrics. Select your model & fabric, and a few weeks later you're walking around in your new outfit.

All the items from our sustainable fashion collection are handmade by us, Indi & Ayla, in our atelier in Amsterdam. 

Our fabrics

We up-cycle household textiles. We collaborate with sustainable textile collection company A&F trading. A&F offers sustainable solutions for discarded textiles. One of their core values is zero-waste. They provide us discarded household textiles to create our sustainable fashion collection. We give these textiles a new life, we up-cycle bed linen, curtains and sleeping bags into treasured items. You could also bring your own fabric, why not up-cycle those nostalgic curtains from your childhood? 

We've selected every piece of fabric ourselves in the A&F warehouse. Amongst the mountains of discarded textiles, we find more than enough gems for everyone. The smell of detergent, the feel of fresh sheets or a super soft, warm wool between your fingers. Colors and designs that caress our eyes. We shout to each other, "Oh this is perfect for a coat!", "Oh this would be super cool as a suit!" and the car back to our atelier in Amsterdam gets fuller and fuller.

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