Ziggy &Ayla, founded by Indi and Ayla. We’re in love with fashion, but we’re doing it our way. No new textiles. 

We opened our eyes. For years we sat behind the computer in the office of fashion companies. From the moment we opened our eyes all we saw was the futility of it, we saw the succession of rubbish we were producing. The growth of waste, the growth of guilt, the growth of despondency. Even cheaper, even more, and even more. It made us sad. We thought: ‘this cannot go on any longer’, and we stopped. Just stopped, simple as that.

But soon we missed creating, fantasizing, feeling textiles between our fingers. The jump in our hearts when a design finally hangs on the hanger. Because we love fabrics, we love clothes, we love making, but we don't do it anymore. We no longer make endless collections for the dusty corner of your closet, or to fill the charity bins. We make garments with a story, that have travelled, and especially for you.

We want to change the fashion industry into a sustainable, circular industry. We want you to see what we see. We want to educate, inspire and offer you alternatives. We are on a mission to revalue textiles. We say yes to slow fashion, circular fashion & craftsmanship. 

Ziggy & Ayla Collection Forest Shoot-50

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is a sustainable concept, a concept advocating for clothing manufacturing in respect to people, environment and animals. Contrary to fast fashion, slow fashion involves local artisans and the use of eco-friendly materials, with the goal of preserving crafts and the environment.

We dedicate our time and energy in designing timeless items and sew them especially for the client, in their choice of fabric, to their body shape, and to their wishes. Every customer and garment should be the perfect match. We use discarded fabrics and up-cycle them into a brand-new garment, giving the textiles a new live. We work on a personal level collaboration with our clients and partners instead of strategically producing orders and doing business. For us Slow Fashion also means that we encourage everybody to swap, lend, share, repair, your clothes instead of throwing them away. We are very happy to inspire and share information about all of the above.

Want to read more? We truly support the vision of the The Slow Fashion Movement

  • Clothing production aims at creative expression of consumers, rather than profit-making of brands.
  • Clothing is designed to last rather than to be replaced.
  • Clothing is designed to heal rather hurt the environment in which it is produced.
  • Brands choose to pursue stability rather than perpetual growth. They establish deep roots and connections with their customers and suppliers.
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