Custom Made Sustainable Fashion

Our collection is a compilation of garments made from recycled household textiles. We choose these textiles very carefully. When we see a fabric, our brain immediately begins to fantasize what kind of garment it could become. 

Sustainable Fashion Amsterdam Dress
Sustainable Fashion Amsterdam Kimono
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Craftsmanship, Slow & Circular Fashion

Ziggy &Ayla is a sustainable fashion brand. We want to change the fashion industry into a sustainable, circular industry. We want you to see what we see. We want to educate, inspire and offer you alternatives. We are on a mission to revalue textiles. 


We give discarded textiles a new life, we upcycle bed linen, curtains and sleeping bags into treasured items. Sustainable textile collection company A&F trading collaborates with our sustainable fashion brand. A&F offers sustainable solutions for discarded textiles. One of their core values is zero-waste. 

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Ziggy & Ayla Collection Forest Shoot-44
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